SINCE 1922...

Dutch pastry house, Huize van Wely, is a brand renowned for its artisanal pastries and handcrafted chocolate products.

Through product innovation, re-packaging, energized in-store experience and a customer-centric approach, Huize van Wely gained international recognition with its hand crafted product range that counts more over 500 today.

This famed institution also generates genuine and innovative craftsmen. Its class of honors include Jeroen Goossens (Pastry chef of the Royal Family), Rudolph Van Veen (SVH master chef and master patissier, also the chief patisser for 24 Kitchen), Daniel Jongsma (Pastry chef of Fauchon Paris in Kuwait), Michel Jansen (Owner of Patisserie Chocolaterie Michel), Cees Duindam (Product developer of Business Class Klm) and last but not least Robin Simon Petrus Hoedjes, winner of Dutch Pastry Award 2015.